The Law Office of Jami L. Ferrara is a criminal defense law firm. Jami Ferrara believes that by honing in on this specific area of law, she can better serve her valued clients. She is willing to take on a wide variety of criminal cases, including misdemeanors and felonies. She handles criminal matters at both the state and federal level.

From local misdemeanors to federal felonies, Jami offers a compassionate, yet zealous approach to law. While meeting privately with clients, she is extremely empathetic; she understands exactly what they’re going through and the role a caring attorney can play. In court, however, she is more aggressive, fighting passionately to obtain the best possible case resolution. Her efforts have proven successful on many occasions, and she is determined to pave the path to a fresh start for future clients.

Legal representation You Can Trust

The right attorney could make all the difference as you seek to put criminal charges in your past. Ms. Ferrara understands the seriousness of your situation, but she also knows how to bring about a favorable resolution. She has a long track record of success and the determination to ensure that future cases are resolved just as favorably as the many cases she’s successfully brought to a close in the past. To learn more about Ms. Ferrara’s background and legal approach, contact the Law Office of Jami L. Ferrara at your earliest convenience.

Criminal Cases Handled at the Law Office of Jami L. Ferrara

Criminal charges are devastating, but the right attorney can make your journey through the criminal justice system less of an ordeal. The Law Office of Jami L. Ferrara offers high-quality legal service for those accused of committing crimes. It’s a great resource to turn to as you deal with the fallout of criminal charges.

The Law Office of Jami L. Ferrara handles a wide array of criminal cases, from simple misdemeanors to complex conspiracies. Clients turn to Ms. Ferrara for assistance on petty cases and felony charges, for representation as witnesses and on cases that are under investigation. Although Ms. Ferrara is based in San Diego, she is ready and able to handle cases at the federal level throughout the United States.

The Repercussions of Criminal Convictions

Criminal sentences can be surprisingly harsh, even for those charged with seemingly minor misdemeanors. Depending on your current charges and your criminal history, you could face exorbitant fines, required participation in treatment programs, community service hours, jail or prison time. Once you serve your time, you may find yourself on probation, parole or supervised release for many years. The lasting impact of a criminal conviction can be devastating– it can result in losing job opportunities, not qualifying for rental properties, being declined for loans, and other, unforeseen consequences. It is important to have the right attorney to help you to navigate your case for these very reasons.